Server Maintenance & Monitoring

IT Management Services

We provide server maintenance services to middle sized businesses that do not necessarily require a full IT Department, but at same time need their services. Servers in your company, whether physical or virtual, require maintenance and be monitored regularly. Our services include server monitoring, Remote IT Support, backup strategy implementation, asset & inventory tracking, basic security procedures implementation, among others.

  • Server Monitoring

    Monitoring system resources, performance, responsiveness, security, and other operations, to ensure your server performs as expected.

  • Asset and Inventory Tracking

    We keep track of workstations and servers current hardware, Operating Systems and Microsoft Office distribution and licences, among others.

  • Backup Strategy

    We know the importance of a good backup plan. Implementation of a proper backup strategy is the best defense against data loss.

  • Patch Management

    Patches correct bugs within an operating system or program. We identify and automate installation to keep your computer software up to date.

  • Security Implementation

    Implementation of basic security procedures such as strong passwords, data backup encryption, wipe hard drives, folder access restrictions, among others.

  • Remote IT Support

    We provide on-demand, Remote IT Support services.