IT Support

Tech Support

IT Support

Professional Technical Support for Servers, Desktops, and Networking, for businesses in Puerto Rico. An IT Specialist come to your office to identify, diagnose and resolve problems within your computer network.

  • Server and Desktops

    Cloud Computing, Configurations, Maintenance, Remote Access, Software, Databases, Terminal Server Setup, among others.

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud consultation services for business. Reduce IT expenses. Servers, PBX (VoIP), Hosting, Software, Web Systems, among others.

  • Migrations

    Migrations of software, files, databases, programs, servers or workstations.

  • Network Related Issues Troubleshooting

    Slow network communication? Possible virus, hardware failure, DNS, etc. We help troubleshooting slow network connections.

  • Network Resources

    We help you install and setup Routers, Firewalls, Switches, NAS, VPN, Remote Access, Printers, Shared Resources etc.

  • IT Support

    IT Support services available to identify and troubleshoot problems within your network, computers, servers, databases ( MSSQL, MySQL, H2, etc ), among others.

Network Maintenance

Network Maintenance

Network outages have a negative impact on your business operations. Keeping your computer network up-to-date helps prevent failures and continue working at optimal levels.

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